A must do for me: Trekking Mt. Roraima – The Lost World (5°08′36″N 60°45′45″W )

April 6, 2010 at 5:31 am (Uncategorized)

Nature has blessed the world with amazing peaks to clmib/moutains to trek and everyone has their favorite or set of favorites. Well for me who finds every peak/moutain fascinating it is quite a task to list down my own favorites and the list in unending till date :).

However certain places on earth never fail to capture my attention and here is one such moutain I would definitely want to trek before dying or die while trekking because even though there are marked trails, I have heard that there are great chances of getting lost due to the presence of umpteen no. of trails. It is –

Mt. Roraima – The Lost World
Location Venezuela/Brazil/Guyana
Range Guiana Highlands

Mt. Roraima: A National Geographic Channel Photograph

And you also get to experience the world’s highest waterfall ‘The Angel Falls’.


Few interesting links on Mt. Roraima –





Happy trekking/climbing


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