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As I trekked along the beautiful mountains and valleys I was thirsty and needed to quench my thirst. At a distance I saw a beautiful pond and headed its way. I sat by the lake, cleaned my face and drank some water. And as I dipped my hands to drink some more of it, I saw a reflection of a man smiling at me, scared I slowly turned to find him still smiling at me. I asked him ‘who are you?’ he said ‘well, they call me God’ I broke into an instant laughter and said ‘then what are you doing here on earth?’ to which he said ‘I saw you trekking alone so thought of giving you company’ and smiled. I said ‘sure’ and we walked in silence for a long time then I asked him ‘I have always wanted to ask you many questions, but do you have the time?’ he smiled and said ‘I’m always there! Let us sit and have a chat’. We sat and the conversation started –

Me: Why are you not there when I need you, when I’m in distress, when I feel like talking to you?

God: I’m always there around you.

Me: But I do not see you like I do today!

God (points to his surroundings): Do you see the mountains, trees, sun, flowers, water, sky, clouds, and birds?

Me: Yes

God (smiles): Well I’m always there in my best form ‘Nature’

Me: But how can I have a conversation, you wouldn’t be able to respond?

God: Oh yes my dear you can, all you need to do is listen with your eyes open and you will get your answers

Me: Ok, then tell me what ‘selflessness’ is?

God: A tree withstands all the torture by humans yet when you are tired of walking in the hot sun it still gives you shade to rest

Me: What is ‘kindness’?

God: The ‘sun’ does rise everyday to bring you light and sustain life on earth in spite of the disrespect man shows towards nature.

Me: What is ‘unconditional love’?

God: A flower always gives you happiness and expects nothing in return

Me: What is ‘strength’?

God: The mighty mountains

Me: How do I derive strength when I encounter problems in my life?

God (takes me to a pond and makes me touch the surface of the water with my fingers): Did you see the ripples formed?

Me: Yes

God (after a few seconds): Are the ripples gone and is the water still now?

Me: Yes

God: Well that is Life, ripples are your problems but after sometime they shall pass and your life would become calm like the still water

Me: Why are there stars in the night sky?

God (looks up): Well it resembles life, I mean when life seems dark like the night sky there are shining stars to guide you.

Me: Why should we go through sorrow, happiness or a mix of emotions in life?

God: It’s just like all the weathers. They are not bad weathers but just different kinds of good weathers which completes the cycle.

Me: What is ‘humbleness’?

God: The Ocean, vast yet so calm

Me: What is the ‘melody’?

God: Listen to the sound of a stream

Me: What is ‘faith’?

God: The fact that I’m always there

God: Ok dear I shall take your leave now

Me: I have one last question

God: Yes

Me: Why does man ‘fear’?

God (smiles): Because his heart has lost faith

God disappeared and I had tears of joy in my eyes. As I continued my trek I realized God’s presence in Nature, no wonder we often go back to nature to find inspiration and answers.



  1. Sunand said,

    good one ,
    self less conversations with the almighty,

    dont you think even humans are gods creations , and that god would have foreseen what we do to our nature, and is still allowing this to happen ,


  2. naveen said,

    well in that case i feel i am so near to god…anyways a fine piece of metaphor

  3. Suneetha said,

    Wonderful Jyothi!!!

  4. Sakti said,

    Excellent!!! Your understanding about nature can’t be any better. May god give you all strength to understand HIM and pass the message to us.

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