November 26, 2010 at 5:16 pm (Uncategorized)

Photograph by friend Mayur Channagere

In our lives every moment is dependent on trust yet often we say ‘I cannot trust you’. Most of us feel Trust is difficult to gain or show, isn’t it? When one of the deep desires of every being is to be Trusted. Well life has its moments of tears of sorrow and tears of joy and when I feel like giving up on life I have silent conversations with the Mountains and they seem to tell me ‘Sweetheart, you have climbed me many times because you Trust yourself and Me. So do not give-up, things will be fine, Trust Me’. Nature inspires in many ways and the Mountains have always conveyed the importance of Trust to me. So the next time those tears of sorrow roll down your eyes, you know who to go to right?

Photograph by friend Mayur Channagere

I remember the beautiful quote by Dalai Lama ‘when we are children we need the Kindness of our parents and when we are old we need the Kindness of people around us so why not we show our Kindness to others in between our childhood and old age’. Well I can only smile from my heart while reading this quote. Kindness is not as difficult as we think it is, all we need to do is learn from Nature. It never discriminates. In spite of cutting down trees, it will always provide you the shade to rest under after a tiring walk. Kindness begets Kindness.

Photograph by friend Mayur Channagere

The three most precious words ‘I Love You’ touch any being whether it is words or an act of kindness. Be it a plant, human, animal the deep desire is to be Loved and Cared for, since we have evolved from nature. Colors of nature have always been an inspiration to humans for love, just like the soothing colors of a sunrise or sunset, silently telling us ‘everyone of us come from Love’. The next time you watch a sunrise or sunset listen and feel with your eyes to experience the power of Love.

Photograph by friend Mayur Channagere

‘I cannot take it anymore I want to get away from everything’ and tears rolled down my cheeks. Every inch of my body said ‘I do not have any strength left’. Hmmm…. I do agree there are cloudy and bright sunny days in our lives but just like there are no bad weathers but just different beautiful weathers, cloudy days do come with their share of learnings. But to accumulate the Strength needed in the face of adversity just seems impossible. Have you ever looked at the mountains when it is raining, windy, stormy and finally on a bright and sunny day? They seem to be there and face it all yet stand tall and silently tell us ‘Sweetheart, this is Strength’. Mountains have been a major inspiration in my life as a source of Strength. So the next time you feel down, think of the mighty mountains.

Photograph by friend Mayur Channagere

October 08′ as I trekked the Himalayas at 13000 ft I struggled for every breath in the thin air but was not ready to give up. When I reached the top I cried and went on my knees unable to believe I had made it. During sunset that evening as I sat starring at the lovely mountains an unconscious smile broke my face and my eyes yet again became moist not for the fact that I had made it to the destination but this time for the fact that Nature had made me Humble and I realized in front of the majestic mountains I was just a speck’. No classroom can teach us the beauty of Humbleness except for a classroom called Nature.



  1. Anil said,

    Trust is the cornerstone of survival.

  2. Sakti said,

    Wow!! Another masterpiece!!!

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