Coffee – A Bond

March 16, 2011 at 9:41 am (Uncategorized)

Black as the devil, Hot as hell, Pure as an angel, Sweet as love ~ Charles-Maurice de Talleyrand

Starbucks, Costa, Java City, Barista, Café Coffee Day, India Coffee House, Lavazza…..serve the most preferred beverage of the world, COFFEE!

On a beautiful September morning as I walked amongst the coffee plantations there were green coffee beans all over the floor, nothing unusual but as I stepped on them the curiosity to feel them made me pick one. While I touched, smelled and tasted it a smile broke my face.

The green coffee bean undergoes a long process of drying, powdering Etc to ultimately come out as one of the aromatic beverages of the world. But initially when I held the bean in my palm it was hard to imagine that the same insignificant bean which hardly anyone of us notice does not even come close to smelling like the coffee yet it churns out the most aromatic beverages of the world. Isn’t Nature wonderful?

The green coffee bean has a message for us J

We meet people in our lives, few of them become friends for life and few remain acquaintances. Sometimes it so happens that we refrain from taking a step forward to know another person or underestimate another person because they are shy, introverts, of our own insecurities Etc. But just like how an initial insignificant looking coffee bean takes time and goes through a process of finally becoming an aromatic beverage a shy, introvert person may take a little more time to open-up. But that doesn’t mean we give-up on them, I guess with a little more patience and love who knows we may end up making a new friend for life, discover a great writer, singer, dancer Etc.

In my life it has happened that people I thought I wouldn’t connect with have ended up becoming friends for life be it from another culture altogether. And when I look back I smile about how going a little out of the way has helped me discover great souls!

So the next time you hesitate or take a step back from knowing someone think about the coffee bean :).

Is this why they say ‘a lot can happen over coffee’?






  1. Anil said,

    True. Entirely upon each individual. Too often, lack of reciprocation for whatever reasons, mostly on first impressions or out of a ‘sated’ need stops us from meeting the extended hand.

  2. Sakti said,

    What a beautiful post Jyothi? Comparision of Green coffee beans with People whom we do not know completely is wonderful. Loved it!!

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